Sage 200 WooCommerce Integration
Gee Tee Bulb Company Case Study

Discover how Gee Tee improved from automation

“We decided to use the WooCommerce to Sage 200 integration so that orders can be processed easily.”

Gee Tee Bulb Company


Gee Tee WooCommerce to Sage 200 Case Study Video


Automated, faster and accurate order processing and fulfilment

Gee Tee Bulbs has multiple sales channel data automated, improved customer service and time spent on manual processing has significantly been reduced.

Saved time manually updating stock and price

Never sold at the incorrect price and out of stock items

Online orders are automatically raised in Sage 200

No more orders manually keying in and errors

Auto capture order delivery, contact, shipping and notes

Reduced order to dispatch times and costs

Dispatched orders to customers faster and easily

Eliminated repetitive data entry

Avoided human errors associated with tedious data input

Improved productivity and output

Increased production and grew the business capacity

Reduced operational overheads

Became more efficient in the day-to-day running of thebusiness

Avoided the need to hire more staff

Automation reduced the need to hire more staff for menial tasks

Increased their decision making

Better decision making by increasing WooCommerce data visibility

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Gee Tee Bulb Company

Gee Tee Bulb Company is a family-owned business that has been supplying a wide range of flower bulbs since 1961.

With more than half a century of trading behind them, Gee Tee has become the supplier of choice for professionals and amateur gardeners.


Nursery & Gardening


Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK




Manual order processing reduction

Gee Tee Company needed help with the automation of their online orders processing and fulfilment. 

Obsolete e-commerce website

Gee Tee’s old e-commerce website was built on an obsolete Umbraco version.

Website support termination

The Umbraco developer decided to terminate the support to Gee Tee’s website.

SAP ERP integration not working

The site had an integration to their SAP ERP system that did not work correctly and there was lack of support to issues raised.


Sage 200 WooCommerce orders automated connection

The solution was to develop a new WooCommerce e-commerce website and to integrate it to their new Sage 200 ERP system.

Build new WooCommerce website

A new WooCommerce online store was built to replace the obsolete Umbraco website.

Sage 200 ERP integration

Gee Tee replaced their on-premise SAP ERP system with Sage 200. This involve a third party Sage 200 provider partner company.

Automated Sage 200 WooCommerce integration

The WooCommerce online orders are automatically raised in Sage 200 using the Sage 200 WooCommerce connector.

Automated sales orders processing

Sage 200 WooCommerce orders connector helped Gee tee automate the processing of online orders and focus on customer services instead of repetitive manual order input. Which can lead to errors.

Up-to-date customer accounts

Clean and updated customer data paints an accurate picture of who and where your customers are, thus providing you with the very first step to create personalised marketing strategies.

Unified product information management

A single PIM (Product Information Management) for thieir ERP and online WooCommerce store. It provides them an ability to sell more products faster, including cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Also have a more engaging, omnichannel product experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do my WooCommerce orders and stock synchronise with Sage 200?

We will connect your Sage 200 ERP system and your WooCommerce store by using WooCoommerce API keys.

Once the connection is completed, product, stock, pricing data starts to automatically flow from Sage 200 to WooCommerce, so your website product details is up-to-date.

When customers place orders on your WooCommerce store, these are auto-fetched and raised in Sage 200 by the WooCommerce to Sage 20 connector.

Customers information including main billing address details, contact names, telephones, emails and shipping addresses are also auto-downloaded.

Why should I use a Sage 200 to WooCommerce integration solution?

By integrating Sage 200 and your WooCommerce store you will automate the synchronisation of data between your ERP system and your WooCommerce platform.

This will mean that you can cut down on staff costs and time spend processing repetitive tasks. Your staff can be focused more on the customer facing duties and increase customer loyalty and potential future revenue.

Dispatch your orders to your customers quickly and easily by managing both online and off-line orders all in your Sage 200 system.

Eliminate human errors when processing manual online orders.

What happens once the product data is in WooCommerce from Sage 200?

The Sage 200 to WooCommerce connector will automatically populate your website with the latest product information updated in Sage 200.

After this first step of the integration, you can improve your products with merchandising and marketing materials, activate/delete products in WooCommerce.

The marketing materials include adding images, gallery images, categories, filter tags, product variables, sizes, colours, pack sizes and more.

I already have a live WooCommerce store but want to integrate to Sage 200, how can you help me?

This is a very common case – most of our clients already have an existing trading WooCommerce store and want a way to integrate to their Sage 200 ERP.

We will handle all the integration process for you.

We will first set up a copy of your live website on a test server with the actual live product data.

Then, your Sage 200 provider will have to provide us API access to your Sage 200 ERP test database.

Afterwards, we will set up a test Sage 200 WooCommerce connector that points to the new test WooCommerce site to your test Sage 200 database.

This guarantees that when testing the connection and all the workflow tasks between your WooCommerce website and your Sage 200 ERP system work correctly.

For example. we will check if the WooCommerce SKUs codes exist in Sage 200 or if you sell pack sizes we will also test if the stock unit sizes are present.

All this integration tests, will be managed and carried out by us.

Once you and us are happy, that all the integration workflows are working correctly then we will automate the integration between your live Sage 200 ERP database and your live WooCommerce store.

This two stage process guarantees that no disruption happens on your live website until all testing has been completed.

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