Sage 200 BigCommerce Integration Features

How expanding businesses automate their processes.

“Sage 200 BigCommerce integration enables business growth by automating your order processing with powerful integrations” – Realnet Integrations


Automated sales orders processing

Sage 200 BigCommerce orders connector helps businesses automate the processing of online BigCommerce orders and focus on customer services instead of repetitive manual order input – which can lead to errors.

Sales orders are used to represent the sale of goods or services to a customer in Sage 200.

In BigCommerce, an order is a customer’s request to purchase one or more products from a shop. You can create, retrieve, update, and delete orders using the Order resource.


Up-to-date customer accounts

Sage 200 to BigCommerce connector clean and updated customer data paints an accurate picture of who and where your customers are, thus providing you with the very first step to create personalized marketing strategies.

Keep track of your individual customer contact details including  address, telephone and email.

Customers are one of the most important entities within Sage 200 as they are associated with many important resources within the application and underpin most of the main features (e.g. sales orders, payment receipts, etc). 


Unified product information management

Maintain a single PIM (Product Information Management) for your ERP and online Shopify store – with Sage200 BigCommerce connector.

It provides you an ability to sell more products faster, including cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Also have a more engaging, omnichannel product experience.

Manage your stock inventory including stock quantities of products and stock availability online and your back end Sage 200 system and auto-sync them to your BigCommerce Store.

Products are used to track stock within Sage 200.


Accurate pricing levels and control

With BigCommerce connector to Sage 200  auto-pricing updates feature provide accurate prices for all your ERP and online store prices. Never sell at incorrect prices again.

You can set up price bands or price list in Sage 200.

These are used to offer different prices to different customers.

Product prices are set in the each price band.

The price a customer receives for a product depends on the price band their account is linked to.


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