What are the benefits of Sage 200 WooCommerce integration?

Posted on September 28, 2022
My business has both Sage 200 ERP system and a WooCommerce online store. Why should I link both systems for my organisation?

List of benefits of integrating WooCommerce Sage 200 business processes

The most common advantages/benefits of integrating a Sage 200 ERP system and a WooCommerce store are:

  • Save time manually updating stock and price
  • Never sell at the incorrect price and out of stock items
  • Online orders are automatically raised in Sage 200
  • No more orders manually keying in and errors
  • Auto capture order delivery, contact, shipping and notes
  • Keep orders, inventory, and product updates accurate
  • Seamlessly transfer key data between their WooCommerce and Sage 200 platforms
  • Schedule data transfer at intervals that suit your processes
  • Ensure all WooCommerce stock levels are up to date syncing stock records from Sage 200 system
  • Transfer customers between Sage 200 and WooCommerce maintain records accurate at all times
  • Eliminate work duplication for your business
  • Improved data consistency held in WooCommerce – including product, stock and pricing details
  • Ability to explore new sales opportunities and expand sales channels
  • Reduce/remove the requirement to recruit additional resource during peak and seasonal periods
  • Increase employee and company output and productivity
  • Inventory figures updated in real-time
  • Happier customers and improved fulfilment
  • Reduce overheads and additional costs
  • Better customer service and retention
  • Improved upselling accounts
  • Clean and updated customer data paints an accurate picture of who and where your customers are, thus providing you with the very first step to create personalized marketing strategies.
  • Automated, faster and accurate order processing and fulfilment

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How can automation help?

Automation helps your business become more efficient and perform better with less resources. So you can reduce on costs and time spent on repetitive menial tasks. Think of automation as a “Robot” that works 24/7 to improve your business performance, without the overheads of employing extra staff.