What are the benefits of integrating BigCommerce with Sage 200?

Posted on July 19, 2023
I'm interested in integrating my BigCommerce store and Sage 200 ERP system - but what are the main advantages of this?

Sage 200 to BigCommerce Integration Benefits

Automated BigCommerce Sage 200 Connection

Quickly integrate BigCommerce orders management process with your Sage 200 and accurate stock levels, prices control and product management – without the need for bespoke software.

Automate time-consuming manual data transfers

Decrease in order fulfilment times

Eliminate manual errors

Streamline administrative tasks

Process increased volume of orders without additional staff

Decrease order to delivery times and costs

Fulfil your orders to your customers faster and easily

Remove monotonous data entry

Get rid of manual errors associated with  tedious data input

Improve efficiency and output

Increase your output and enhance your business capacity

Lower operational costs

Reduce the day-to-day running costs of your business

Prevent the need to hire more workforce

Automation minimizes the need to hire more staff for unskilled jobs

Boost your decision making

Increase real-time decision making by expanding Shopify data visibility

Find out more about our Sage 200 to BigCommerce connector integration by visiting Sage 200 BigCommerce Integration – Realnet Integrations.

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How can automation help?

Automation helps your business become more efficient and perform better with less resources. So you can reduce on costs and time spent on repetitive menial tasks. Think of automation as a “Robot” that works 24/7 to improve your business performance, without the overheads of employing extra staff.