Does WooCommerce integrate with Sage?

Posted on September 29, 2022
I would like to know if I can integrate my WooCommerce store with my ERP system Sage 200?

Integrating WooCommerce and Sage

If you are looking for a WooCommerce to Sage 200 integration then you can use the WooCommerce Sage integration solution to provides a bi-directional indirect link between both systems.

This allows you to automate your business processes and become more efficient.

The integration between Sage 200 and WooCommerce runs at regular intervals matching your business needs.

What type of data is integrated?

The WooCommerce to Sage connector can process automatically several WooCommerce objects or message data types such as:

  • Auto-update stock and price levels in WooCommerce from Sage 200
  • WooCommerce online orders are automatically raised in Sage 200
  • Auto capture order delivery, contact, shipping and notes from WooCommerce in Sage 200
  • Maintain a unified product information management system from Sage 200 to WooCommerce instantly

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“We decided to use the WooCommerce to Sage 200 integration so that orders can be processed easily.”

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