White label integrations management agency partnership

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Are you a ERP software provider, or a Digital Marketing agency, or an Accountant looking for a managed integrations solution for your clients ERP and eCommerce systems? This is where our White Label Integrations Management package can help. By working with us we  manage your clients integrations for you and you can have a new revenue boost.

Fixed set up fee

Free proposals & analysis

Managed installation & support

How much can your clients save with a ERP system to eCommerce store connector integration?

If you are looking to automate your clients ERP system data and their e-commerce store but are unsure how much it can really save them in the short, mid to long-term then use our Free Savings Calculator Tool to help you decide if Automation is the right solution for your client or not.


What is White Label Integrations Management partnership?

White Label integrations management partnership refers to our automated integrations solutions that you can re-sell directly to your clients at your own pricing with minimal financial outlay or risk. This is an off-the-shelf solution that requires no developing and maintaining on your part.

Our in-house team will install, setup and support your client’s ERP to eCommerce connectors by mapping their eCommerce store data to match their unique business processes on the ERP system making it easier for them and you – as this requires no developing or maintenance on your part.
You simply need to concentrate in growing your business and not on the complexities of data mapping manually. We will manage all that for you – to give you peace of mind.

White Label Partnership Plan Highlights

Automation for your clients online eCommerce stores

How online businesses grow and retain customers with managed automation support.

Managed Installation

One off installation fee to integrate between your systems.

Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscription cost covering hosting and support.

Automated Orders

Process and fulfil up unlimited  online orders a month automatically.

New Customers

Unlimited new customers records auto -integrated to your ERP system.

Auto-sync Products

Auto-create limitless new products a month on your website.

Stock & Pricing Updates

Auto update stock and pricing levels online. Without any limits per month.

In-house Support

Available when you need us, our team of automation professionals are never more than a email, call or live chat away.

Email Support

Easy to use customer-facing online support ticket portal.

Telephone Support

Chat on the phone so we assist you with getting the most out of your automation.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our dedicated management is designed to  provide support far beyond that which other providers usually offer.

Integration Project Manager

Project assigned integration manager that is ready to respond in the event our monitoring flags an issue. We will often fix a problem before you’re even aware.

Custom Integrations

Custom bespoke integration workflows to automate their business processes to match their needs, quoted separately.


Connect your clients eCommerce store directly to their ERP System

Streamlined eCommerce order management process with your client’s ERP and accurate stock levels, prices control and product management.

Automate time-consuming manual data transfers

Decrease fulfilment time

Eliminate manual errors

Cut data entry time and cost in half

Focus more on growing your business

Decrease order to delivery times and costs

Fulfil orders to customers faster and easily

Remove monotonous data entry

Get rid of manual errors associated with  tedious data input

Improve efficiency and output

Increase output and enhance business capacity

Lower operational costs

Reduce the day-to-day running costs of business

Prevent the need to hire more workforce

Automation minimizes the need to hire more staff for unskilled jobs

Boost your decision making

Increase real-time decision making by expanding eCommerce data visibility

Our Features

Business Processing and Automation

We design, create and manage your processing workflow to match your unique business operations. 

The workflows can vary from simple tasks such as checking products in stock status to complex ordering processing workflows.


Individual customer contact details including telephone and email


Customer account,  company name and main billing address


Products details including SKUs, names and descriptions


Stock quantities of products and stock availability


Pricing set on your products and customer price lists.

Sales Orders

Orders placed on Shopify website that are raised to Sage 200


How It Works

Order Management

Orders raised from eCommerce into ERP

Upon an order being placed on eCommerce store, they are automatically raised in ERP system by the eCommerce Platform Connector. The order information includes:

E-commerce order and order line items

This includes a eCommerce order reference number and a list of order line items that match ERP product SKUs.

E-commerce customer and contact addresses

The connector automatically creates new customer and contact records associated to the order, with billing main address details and a primary contact details record.

E-commerce discount and delivery charges

Furthermore, item discounts % are applied for each line item. Including discounts/offers managed on your clients E-commerce store.

Talk With an Expert to Get Started Today!

Need a tailor made solution for your organisation?

Easy Setup

Managed Setup, Installation and Support

We will manage and install the whole integration and automation process between your clients ERP system and their eCommerce platform. Removing all the complexities and hassle for their business.

Test integration on a dedicated test server and store

Automate ERP and eCommerce live connection

Continuous monitor and reporting on connection tasks

Analyse connector logs to maximise its performance

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

"We decided to use the WooCommerce to Sage200 integration so that orders can be processed easily."

Gee Tee Bulb Company

"The full integration with the ERP system allows for easy management of customer accounts."

Leisuretec Distribution Ltd

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Managed In-house Support

Our expert integration support specialists troubleshoot automation and hosting problems. Reliable support easy to reach. Over 20 years of commercial experience.

Proactive Monitoring

Our team is ready to respond in the event our monitoring flags an issue. We will often fix a problem before you’re even aware.


Frequently Asked Questions

What information is synchronised between eCommerce store and ERP system?

Once the integration between your client’s ERP and eCommerce store connector is automated, these is the following information synchronised:

  • Stock
  • Price List
  • VAT Rates
  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Sales Orders
  • Customers Details
  • Contact Details
  • Shipping and Billing Addresses

How do my client's eCommerce orders and stock synchronise with ERP?

We will connect your client ERP system and their eCommerce store by using the eCommerce API credential keys.

Once the connection is completed, product, stock, pricing data starts to automatically flow from the ERP to the eCommerce web storey, so your client’s website product details is up-to-date.

When customers place orders on your client’s web store, these are auto-fetched and raised in the ERP system by the ERP to eCommerce connector.

Customers information including main billing address details, contact names, telephones, emails and shipping addresses are also auto-downloaded.

My client already has a eCommerce store but want to integrate to ERP system, how does it work?

This is a very common case – most of our clients already have an existing trading eCommerce store and want a way to integrate to their ERP system.

We will handle all the integration process for you.

We will first set up a copy of their live website on a test server with the actual live product data.

Then, your clients ERP provider will have to provide us API access to the ERP test database.

Afterwards, we will set up a test the ERP to eCommerce connector that points to the new test eCommerce site to your test ERP system database.

This guarantees that when testing the connection and all the workflow tasks between your eCommerce website and your ERP system work correctly.

For example. we will check if the eCommerce SKUs codes exist in the ERP system or if your client sells pack sizes we will also test if the stock unit sizes are present.

All this integration tests, will be managed and carried out by us.

Once you, your client and us are happy, that all the integration workflows are working correctly then we will automate the integration between your client’s live ERP database and their eCommerce web store.

This two stage process guarantees that no disruption happens on your client’s live website until all testing has been completed.


What happens once the product data is in the eCommere store from the ERP system?

The ERP system to eCommerce store connector will automatically populate your client’s website with the latest product information updated in the ERP solution.

After this first step of the integration, your client can improve their products with merchandising and marketing materials, activate/delete products in their web store.

The marketing materials include adding images, gallery images, categories, filter tags, product variables, sizes, colours, pack sizes and more.

Why should I use a ERP to eCommerce integration solution?

By integrating your clients ERP system and their eCommerce store it will automate the synchronisation of data between their ERP system and their eCommerce platform.

This will mean that your client can cut down on staff costs and time spend processing repetitive tasks. Their staff can be focused more on the customer facing duties and increase customer loyalty and potential future revenue.

Your client can dispatch orders to their customers quickly and easily by managing both online and off-line orders all in their ERP system.

Eliminate human errors when processing manual online orders.

Is the connection between my ERP system and the eCommcer store fully secure?

Yes, it is. The live automated connector between the ERP system and the eCommerce store is hosted on a secure server with an SSL certificate installed. This encrypts the connection, and prevents the interception of data during transmission, which keeps data protected and adds even more benefits on top.

Usually, ERP system API uses OAuth 2.0. OAuth 2.0 is the industry-standard protocol for authorisation. OAuth 2.0 focuses on client developer simplicity while providing specific authorisation flows for web applications.

Why Choose Managed Automation Solutions For Your Clients?

With managed integrated automation solutions for your client’s business, order management and fulfilment processes they can reduce costs and save time and increase performance.


Out-perform the competition with automation

Reduce strain on resources

By automating your business systems, the time taken to import daily orders is reduced drastically. Automation out performs manual tasks. Risk of keying errors is removed.

Improved speed of order processing

The order integration, automation and processing improves the efficiency of fulfilment of customer orders.

Boost customer loyalty and retention

Business customers receive correct product information on the website and stock  levels are accurate. Improving customer retention.


Better Data. More Control

Gain market advantage with better up-to-date customer, orders and product data on one unified true product information management system.

Improved order processing by removing manual input

Keep website stock levels up to date without manual intervention

Free staff to focus upon relevant to allow growth

Automated importing of orders and customer data to ERP systems