Sage 200 WooCommerce integration case study – Gee Tee Bulb Company

Posted on September 29, 2022
Integration. Automation. Discover how Gee Tee improved.

About Gee Tee Bulb Company

Gee Tee Bulb Company is a family-owned business, based in Spalding, that has been selling bulbs wholesale since 1961. Supplying a full range of flower bulbs, from the humble Daffodil to the more obscure and unusual species and varieties. With more than half a century of trading experience, Gee Tee Bulb Company have become the supplier of choice for parks, local councils, landscapers and commercial buyers.

INDUSTRY: Plants Nursery & Gardening

LOCATION: Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK


Automation Problems

Gee Tee faced several problems and pain points before they opted to automate their business processes. The main issue was that Gee Tee Company needed help with the automation of their online orders processing and fulfilment. 

Problem 1: Obsolete e-commerce website

Gee Tee used to have an old -ecommerce web store developed on a now obsolete Umbraco version.

Problem 2: Website support termination

Another issue that Gee Tee faced was that their current Umbraco developer terminated support to their online shop website.

Problem 3: SAP ERP integration not working

Gee Tee’s e-commerce had an integration to their existing SAP ERP system – but it did not work as it was supposed to and there wasn’t any proper support with their SAP integration provider.

Automation Solutions

Realnet developed a new WooCommerce e-commerce website and then to integrate it to their new Sage 200 ERP system.

Solution 1: Build new WooCommerce website

Realnet designed and implemented a new e-commerce website based on open-source WooCommerce platform to replace their obsolete Umbraco online store.

Solution 2: Sage 200 ERP system integration

Gee Tee also replace their on-premise SAP ERP system with Sage 200 on-premise solution with the help of a third party Sage 200 provider.

Solution 3: Automated Sage 200 WooCommerce integration

To help Gee Tee become more automated, Realnet installed the Sage 200 WooCommerce integration connector so WooCommerce online orders are automatically raised in Sage 200 and customer accounts and contact details are also generated.

Automation Benefits

Gee Tee Bulbs now has multiple sales channel data automated, improved customer service and time spent on manual processing has significantly been reduced.

The automated processing of online orders helps them save money and reduce costs and focus on customer services instead of repetitive manual order input.

“We decided to use the WooCommerce to Sage 200 integration so that orders can be processed easily.”

Gee Tee Bulb Company

Read the full Gee Tee Bulb Company case study here.

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