Realnet launches dedicated automation integrations website

Posted on September 28, 2022
The Managed Automation Service. Digitise your business processes.

The Managed Automation Service

Realnet Ltd, a business systems automation and integration company, based in Cambridge, launches a dedicated website to automate business workflow processes integrations.

The main objective of the new site is to provide businesses that have different systems, offline and online based systems, a new way to find solutions to their organisational data transfer problems – which can be time consuming and very costly to manage and resource.

Realnet has been providing managed automation systems for the B2B industry sector for over 20 years now.

Their commercial experience, has benefited different companies succeed online by focusing on their business plans for growth instead of being “bogged down” with repetitive manual data entry between different systems – just to try and maintain data consistency for all the company’s data systems, including ERP systems and online e-commerce platforms.

Realnet core believe and mission statement is to “use online technologies to automate and grow businesses“.

They achieve this by creating long-term partnerships with trust, collaboration and mutual respect. Continuous improvement in technological terms and producing tangible results with automated processes.

Business automation products

Realnet’s in-house integrations development team is continually developing new integration products to help businesses become more automated in the future.

Their new feature product is the “Sage 200 WooCommerce” integration connector, that enables businesses with a WooCommerce web store and a Sage 200 ERP system to connect together using a dedicated cloud based microservice Message Queue (MQ) that automatically syncs data from Sage 200 and WooCommerce and maps it to the right modules and fields without businesses having to spend time manually having to decide which field maps to which table or module in either system.

Realnet does all the data mapping for each business requirements. No business is the same so why should the integration and automation be. That is why separate us from other providers. We handhold your business automation and integration process from the start to the end – and further.

Even, after the automation is completed, Realnet’s support team is always monitoring logs to detect any issues so we are able to fix them even before they are raised by our clients.

We are proud of the customer-centered automation and integrations solutions.

Predictable and clear pricing

From the outset, it was clear to Realnet that business clients want clear, transparent and predictable pricing plans. This is why we have created 3 pricing plan packages that cater for every business size and need.

The Starter plan includes all the automation features required for processing orders, customers, products, prices and stock information. There is a limit of 1,000 orders per month. There is a monthly subscription of £300 and an one off installation fee of £5,000. Plus 2,500 new customers accounts, 2,500 new products and 100,000 price updates per month.

The Premium option includes all the same features as the Starter plan but with 2,500 orders per month allowance. One off installation fee of £10,000. The subscription monthly fee is £500. Plus 5,000 new customers accounts, 5,000 new products and 500,000 price updates updates each month.

The Custom plan is for businesses that want a total bespoke automation integration between Sag e200 and WooCommerce and choose to develop their own integration workflows. The costs here are higher than the Starter, Standard and Premium integration solutions, at £20,000 installation and £1,000 monthly fee. Including unlimited orders per month. Plus unlimited new customers, unlimited new products, unlimited price updates per month.

Automate and streamline your business order processing, stock levels control and product management. Digitise your business processes.”

Realnet Integrations

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How can automation help?

Automation helps your business become more efficient and perform better with less resources. So you can reduce on costs and time spent on repetitive menial tasks. Think of automation as a “Robot” that works 24/7 to improve your business performance, without the overheads of employing extra staff.